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5 Ways to Overcome a Hectic Morning

By Dana Yarn, RDLD

overcome a hectic morningAfter I had Austin (4 months) last Spring I was most nervous about going back to work and developing a new morning routine, especially with my daughter, Lily (3years) starting pre-school.  She was difficult enough to deal with in the morning alone, now with an infant added to the mix I was anxious even just thinking about it!  Of course being a Dietitian one of my main concerns was getting everyone out the door with a healthy meal in their belly, without too much stress and of course we needed to get to pre-school, babysitter and work on time (yep, I have 3 stops!)

I have developed some strategies that make my mornings less hectic, and still allow me to fuel the family with healthy foods. 

1.     Make lunches the night before.  This is a huge help to a hectic morning, while I'm cooking dinner I multi-task by making sandwiches, packing fruit, and snacks in their containers, pop them in the fridge and my 17 year old grabs it in the morning (I'm still asleep when he leaves) and then I grab Lily's lunch as we leave for pre-school.

2.     Pack the car the night before.  If I have a presentation or a cooking demo I make sure all of my nonperishable items are in the car the night before.  I have had to turn around for backpacks, thumb drives, laptops, etc., those few minutes lost are precious and can really raise the stress hormones up in the morning. 

3.     Stick to a protein shake for breakfast. I have lost the dream of having a sit down breakfast with an infant and a preschooler.  Rather than grabbing something to high in sugar and low in protein (cereal bars, yogurt, etc) I have found a protein meal replacement shake works best for me in the morning.  I typically drink it while I am driving.  My shake typically consists of whey protein, unsweet almond milk, spinach, flax seed and frozen berries.  This is a complete meal full of protein, fiber and antioxidants. 

4.     Pre-make healthy breakfast muffins, cereals, etc. for the family.  When your little ones or teenagers want to eat low nutrient cereal every morning, it is best to break them of that and make a batch up low carb healthy muffins, homemade granola, or an egg casserole they can heat up in the microwave.  The muffins I make typically consist of almond flour, egg, banana, honey, spices, and baking powder.  They are portable and even easy to eat in the car or at the bus stop.

5.     Prep the coffee pot the night before.  Coffee is my best friend, but making it in the morning is not fun, we prep it the night before so it's ready for both my husband and I each morning without fooling with filters and grinds. 

Hopefully these simple tips can become a habit in your house and you won't feel like you ran a marathon before you even pulled out of the driveway. 

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