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Dr. Keith Kantor Discusses Nutritional Tips For New Mom Kim Kardashian With People Magazine

People magazine recently interviewed Dr. Keith Kantor, CEO of Blue Ribbon Foods, about the best post-pregnancy diet for new mom Kim Kardashian.People Magazine

When is it safe to start working out after having a baby? In Kim Kardashian's case, she had some medical challenges throughout her pregnancy and also suffered from preeclampsia - does that affect a new mom's work out routine?

When there are no complications it is safe to start working out lightly at 6 weeks. If there are complications like a C-section or preeclampsia the new mom may have to wait a few extra weeks and of course get cleared by their doctor. Walking is a great way to start and then light strength training and Pilates are great ways to strengthen the core while correcting the muscular imbalances developed from pregnancy.

What kind of diet should moms be on if they are breastfeeding?

A all natural unprocessed balanced diet rich in vegetables, some fruits, healthy fats and proteins, and of course adequate hydration. A mother who exclusively breastfeeds burns approximately an additional 500 calories per day, calorie restriction will not work with a breastfeeding mother.

Why are these specific foods so nutritious?

Healthy fats like cold water fish, nuts, and avocados contribute to healthy brain development for the baby. Staying hydrated will also keep the milk supply up. Choosing foods that are not processed will also reduce the baby's exposure to toxins.

What kind of effect do these foods have on both mom and baby?

A healthy balanced diet rich in plants and heart healthy fats will keep mom feeling full and hormones balanced which will reduce cravings for sugary and salty treats. Adequate water consumption will also keep milk supply up.

How many calories per day is advised for a new mom?

It depends on their metabolism, but I would say new moms should never go below 2000 calories per day and even more if they are nursing.

When it is okay to start dieting after having a baby?

Dieting is never healthy, focusing on getting in adequate fruits, vegetables, fats and proteins is priority while eliminating processed snacks. If calories are restricted then then milk supply will be reduced. I encourage all new mothers to focus on health not “dieting” optimal weight will come with a healthy diet.

This is a preview to an article to be published in People Magazine on Friday July 5, 2013.

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