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Foremost Health Expert Dr. Keith Kantor Becomes Sought-After Speaker and Media Commentator

On Topics Such as Obamacare, Nutrition and Wellness

Following the release of his popular book “What Matters: Leadership Values That Just Might Save America,” Dr. Keith Kantor has been asked to appear on more than 40 radio shows, write dozens of magazine and blog articles, and be a guest on several TV programs to discuss health and wellness.

ATLANTA—Since the release of his book What Matters: Leadership Values That Just Might Save America just four months ago, Dr. Keith Kantor has become the go-to health expert for numerous radio, television and print media outlets across the United States.

Dr. Kantor has been a featured guest on more than 50 media outlets, including television programs Good Day Albany and Atlanta’s WSBTV Channel 2 Action News. He has also appeared on 1190 WSDE Radio in Albany, N.Y.;WHAS Radio in Louisville, Ky.; WPTF Radio in Raleigh, N.C.; and more than 2,500 stations affiliated with IRN/USA Radio Network.

As a foremost health expert, Dr. Kantor has been asked to speak on a variety of health-related topics such as Obamacare, nutrition, brown fat, the importance of sleep and water, and preventing weight gain during the holidays.

Dr. Kantor is the CEO of Service Food, a leading provider of all-natural, high-quality organic food for home delivery, and is the premier doctor correlating nutritional food science with preventing and mitigating disease. He holds masters degrees in nutrition science and business administration, as well as doctorate degrees in nutrition science and naturopathic medicine.

Throughout What Matters, Dr. Kantor presents a number of cost-saving measures that address the complex relationship between our nation’s healthcare system, nutrition, government subsidies and disease prevention. He also provides a free health assessment on his website to help people address and recognize underlying issues affecting their well-being. In direct relation to these measures, Dr. Kantor founded Green Box Foods. A division of Service Foods, Green Box Foods is designed to help corporations, associations and non-profits improve the health of their employees, members, customers and the organizations themselves.

Green Box Foods works in partnership with corporate human resource and benefit departments, benefit groups, associations and non-profit groups. Annual communication plans are devised to implement educational programs and platforms to teach the importance of on-going healthy living, as well as chronic disease prevention and management, to improve employee health through proper nutrition with all-natural foods, dietary supplementation and exercise.

“I feel very fortunate that the media has recognized the importance of my goal to stop the healthcare crisis in our country. My appearances on television, radio and the Internet have allowed me to issue a call to action to the American government, people, businesses and organizations to understand the many financial and physical benefits of healthy living,” says Dr. Kantor. “I truly believe one person and one company can make a monumental difference in the healthcare crisis facing our nation.”

What Matters: Leadership Values That Just Might Save America is available in print and for Amazon e-readers. Net proceeds from the sale of the book are being donated to the American Diabetes Association,The Natural Products Association and the All-Natural Food Council of North America.


About Green Box Foods

Green Box Foods has been offering wellness education, counseling, and natural and organic food to individual households for over 30 years. We provide corporate human resource and benefit departments, benefit groups, associations, and non-profit groups with our educational material programs and highly nutritious food so their employees can obtain and maintain health lifestyles. Green Box Foods helps improve employees’ long-term health, productivity, work quality and presenteeism while reducing healthcare costs.To learn more about Green Box Foods, visit

Be sure and order your copy of Dr. Kantor’s highly praised new book What Matters: Leadership Values that Just Might Save America. Proceeds from sales benefit the American Diabetes Foundation, the All-Natural Food Council of North America, the Natural Products Association. 

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