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Make Your Own All-Natural Baby Food

Our vegetables are great for making baby food!

Written by Dana Yarn, RDLD


Before Lily was even born I decided I would make her baby food. I did not want to worry about where her food was coming from and all of the chemicals in the mainstream foods that could harm her, so I use our all natural/organic vegetables. It is best to start a baby on solids around 6 months, its baby food time! Since I have a sweet tooth out of this world I decided that I would get her used to vegetables before I introduce her to fruits. I don't want her to fall in love with the fruit sugar and spit the veggies out.

We started with carrots, peas and green beans. I get 2 packs of our Blue Ribbon Foods frozen veggies out of my freezer and just steam the veggies in a steamer until soft, make sure they are still a vibrant color if they become dull and mushy you have lost most of the nutrients in the cooking process. Place veggies and water in food processor or blender until they are a thin consistency it should be a thin soup consistency, avoid a paste like texture, baby could choke. Pour the vegetables into an ice cube tray, freeze until solid and crack cubes into plastic freezer bag, date and label the bag. Each cube is approximately a 1 oz serving. The food is good for 2-3 weeks in the freezer. You not only will save your child from harmful chemicals and preservatives, you will also save some money!
Let me know if you have any questions!

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