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Planning for Success

Written by Dana Yarn, RDLD

One of the keys to nutrition success is planning. When I take some time out on Sundays to plan out my week with healthy meals and scheduled exercise I find that I rarely skip workouts and tend to eat very clean, it makes the week flow. When I work one on one with clients I give them three areas of focus, supplementation, nutrition and exercise.

Supplementation is the easy part: you purchase the supplements and then take them. I personally get irritated at opening 10 bottles per day so I lay my supplements out in a container that separates them into am and pm, this takes a couple of minutes and it helps you avoid skipping your supplements. Place this container in your kitchen (or some other place like your bathroom) so you take them in the morning and evening.


Next tier of your success is nutrition. Make a list for the grocery store based on your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes/plans and stick to it! Since you already have all of your meat, most of your veggies, frozen fruit in your freezer picking up your perishable items should be quick and easy. I typically go to the store for milk, yogurt, butter, oils, nuts, seeds, and some condiments and sauces. 


Last part of your planning should be your workouts. I like to look at my week and plan my rest days around work days that are booked solid, then I give myself a goal of what I would like to get done. Last week it was 3 runs, 1 swim or cycle, 1 Pilates or yoga and 2 strength training workouts. Then spread them out over your planner to get them all done.

Let me know how you plan out your weeks to reach your optimal health potential!

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