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Post-holiday Healthy Pampering

By Dana Yarn, RDLDPost-holiday Healthy Pampering

Let's face it once the holidays are over with you may feel like you (and your wallet) just walked out of a heavyweight fight.  The meal preparation, gift wrapping, traveling, lack of healthy meals and exercise, family drama, the cocktails, etc. it takes a huge toll on our overall mind and body possibly resulting in weight gain and poor habits.  Take a moment to recharge and do a little "health" self-pampering to get back into your normal healthy routine with these ideas.

Take a day off. Don't book your day full of things that you need to get done during working hours, just breathe!  Sleep in, stay in your pajamas a little longer than normal, watch a movie, grab a workout outside, take a long bath and just enjoy your life and being in the moment without an agenda. 

Plan a vacation.  Even if you are not planning on going on vacation till the spring the enjoyment from planning the vacation, activities, and setting the date is just enough to get your excited and slightly recharged from the holidays.  Take your time and do your research on different places you are interested in traveling to, explore the pictures and excursions of the different places in great detail. 

Make a "spa meal".  After indulging in salty ham, sugary sweet potatoes, cookies, pies, etc. it's time to enjoy a different type of meal. Pull some spa like recipes off the Internet and get to cooking!  Eating a delicious healthy meal is enough motivation to stick to your New Year's resolutions. 

Purchase a new book.  What are you interested in?  Do you want to improve your finances?  Train for a triathlon?  Spice up your love life?  Purchase a book that is about an area of your life that you want to explore more deeply. You are what you read so make the commitment to read something you are excited about.

Hire a health professional.  If you feel like you are in a deep funk of poor lifestyle habits and you need the accountability of a healthy professional hire one!  A Dietitian or fitness trainer can take your goals and turn them into a reality helping you develop an action plan in all areas of your life.  Sometimes we think we can do it all but we cannot and hiring someone to get us started with a regular exercise program, healthy eating habits, supplements and lifestyle goals is an investment that will be priceless once the goal is achieved!

I hope these options have inspired you to pamper your mind and body while starting a 2014 refreshed and ready to tackle your life!

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