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Skip the Gym and Head to the Playground!

By Dana Yarn, RDLD and Certified Fitness TrainerPlayground Workout

Summer is in full swing and with all of the activities your routine may be thrown off.  I have noticed that even my schedule as a fitness professional, my normal workouts can easily be replaced with a trip to the pool or vacation preparation, a summer cookout, etc.  With the kids out of school and eager to play take them to the playground and get your workout in too!  Incorporating your kids into your fitness routine will make them see how important your health and strength is to you, not to mention the extra quality time you will have together. 

This workout can also be done when you are out of town on vacation.  Maintaining a regular workout routine on vacation will prevent vacation weight gain and will keep your energy levels up for sightseeing. I have personally noticed that I get irritable when I skip workouts on our vacations.  By carving out 30 minutes in the morning before we start our day on vacations makes a world of difference on my attitude with my family.  If we have a full day of physical activities like walking, swimming, hiking, etc.  Then I may skip cardio but still do core and flexibility exercises at night when we are winding down. 

When you are exercising outside in the summer try to go in the morning or evening to avoid the peak high temperatures and overheating.  Make sure you bring plenty of water to remain hydrated and a post workout snack rich in protein in case your kids want to stay and play longer after you have completed your workout. 


Warm up- 100 jumping jacks, and light stretching. 

Main Set-

15 squats jumps (traveling if possible)

15 tricep dips off park bench

15 push ups off park bench

2 passes walking lunges

10 pull ups on monkey bars (if you cannot do pulls ups jump to reach the bar)

10 hanging knee raises on monkey bars

10 step ups or box jumps on any stair off the playground

Go through exercises back to back if possible and rest 1 minute between large set and repeat 4x. 

Stretch 10 minutes. 

This workout is a total body workout maximizing time and caloric burn- ENJOY!

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