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Strategies to Overcome the Emotional Battles of Weight Loss

By: Dana Yarn, RDLDEmotional Journey of Weight Loss

Being a mother of three young children, I have had my own personal emotional struggles of weight loss reverting back to the "old school" methods that only work short term, even though I know better as a health professional. 

I have come up with some strategies and mind sets that have personally helped me break through my weight loss plateaus.  I hope you find them helpful if you are in an emotional rut.

Your metabolism is NOT a math problem.  I wish life were as simple as calories in calories out, I cringe every time I meet a new client who says the only way they can lose weight is by counting calories.  Have you ever noticed that counting calories only works for the short term and eventually your calorie consumption continues to decrease if you go low calorie for a long period of time?  You could eat 3 doughnuts a day and be under 1000 calories but the detrimental effect that all of the processed flour and sugar has on your hormones and metabolism will keep the weight on compared to someone who consumes three times the calories of fat burning unprocessed foods like protein, healthy fats and fruits and vegetables.  There is term called "metabolic capacity" this is basically the number of calories that your body uses daily to survive.  Low calorie dieting will make this number dramatically decrease and over time could result in poor thyroid and adrenal health and inhibit you from losing weight easily.  The best way to increase metabolic capacity is by eating high quality foods (avoid processed ingredients like artificial sweeteners) and slowly increase calories over time, it's a process. 

You may have to become an expert at tuning people out.  Misery loves company and those who you would pig out, binge drink or skip workouts with in the past before your healthy lifestyle behaviors may not be the best support system for you. You don't have to sever those relationships especially if you cannot because it's your spouse or parent, simply look at the relationship differently.  Avoid centering social events around food, if you do make sure that there are healthy options available for you.  Also tune out passive aggressive comments or criticism, just realize that it's their fear of the unknown and guilt that makes those comments come out. 

Celebrate EVERY win.  If you don't see the number on the scale move, but you had the will power to resist ordering a soda, you have won!  Encourage yourself rather than criticize yourself.  Positive energy is always going to yield results over negative energy.  Set small lifestyle goals and when you follow through with them celebrate and recognize your success. 

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