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Summer To Do List

By: Dana Yarn, RDLD

Summer is here!  The warm, sunny days, tangy produce, and extra daylight hours make it that much easier to live a healthy Summer To Do Listlifestyle in summer. There is something really special about summer, why not use this feeling and come up with a healthy summer "to do" list.   The summer months are a great time to be outside, escape to the beach, and get together with family and friends, often.  Don't forget about doing something good for yourself as well! Contemplate these strategies that can help you remain healthy this season!

Grow your own garden.

It is the perfect time of year to head to your local plant nursery and grab some potting soil and fresh herbs (cilantro, mint, basil to name a few), vegetables (peppers and tomatoes are my favorite) and even flowers because they are so bright this time of year.  Using fresh herbs while cooking meats and vegetables can make a meal go from bland to gourmet.  Fresh basil, tomatoes and mozzarella is a healthy snack or meal full of fresh flavor and nutrition.  There is also something magical about watching things grow especially for children.  There is a sense of pride in eating herbs and vegetables that were grown in your own backyard. 

Take advantage of the extra day light.

The change of seasons brings additional daylight hours, and with that shift come numerous health benefits. I feel more energetic when there is more daylight allowing me to be more productive and active. After dinner swim sessions or walks will make you feel and function better. Naturally daylight savings allows us to abide by our bodies' natural circadian rhythm and in return speed up fat burning and overall metabolism.

Spend time around water.

Who doesn't like a day at the pool, lake or beach? Our bodies need sunlight to produce vitamin D, an essential nutrient!

Aside from the sunlight, time IN the water is also beneficial. Incorporating pool workouts, whether its swimming laps, aqua jogging, wakeboarding, or other fun activities, is also easy on our muscles and joints! These activities offer a great way to get our heart-rates going, exercise nearly all of our muscle groups, and strengthen our joints while avoiding intensive impact.

Get rid of clutter!

Dust off your surfaces, purge items you do not use organize your home! This is the perfect time of year to get rid of things you aren't using that only take up space in your home (and in your mind)! Living in a clutter free home can decrease stress, and increase happiness.  Host a garage sale, or donate your items and know that they're still being put to good use! Enjoy the sense of freedom that comes from simplifying your life.

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