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Swain Family Raised Four On Service Foods!

Melissa and Michael Swain of Kernersville, NC, make sure their freezer is always stocked with Service Foods. In fact, they’ve been stocking up since 1984, with no breaks. “I was pregnant with my third child when we first signed up,” says Melissa. “And now, 24 years later, we’ve still got a stocked freezer!” And, proudly notes Melissa, they’re still using the same freezer. “We’ve had that freezer for 24 years, and it’s been the most trustworthy freezer for all of our orders!”

Melissa credits Service Foods for keeping her family happy at mealtime for all of these years. “After a busy day of work, it’s so great to be able to grab something hearty and healthy out of the freezer without having to run to the grocery store,” she adds. A busy working mom of two sons and two daughters, who are now grown, Melissa also loves that her kids were big fans of Service Foods. The family favorite: steaks. Over the years, her sons and husband became so accustomed to their delicious dinners every night, that they even took to snacking on them. “I’d come home every now and then from work and find my sons or husband cooking up a Service steak as a snack! It’s like they thought it was what you do when you get home from school!”

Melissa is confident her freezer will hold out for the many more years of Service Foods’ deliveries!

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