Bob Timberlake Signature Series Dog Food 18 lb

Item Number: 944250

Bob Timberlake Signature Series Dog Food is the perfect feed for little dogs, big dogs, puppies, seniors, active dogs, couch potatoes and everything in-between. Our special formulation provides your dog with the optimum protein, fats, fiber, and nutrients it needs. You simply adjust the quantity of feed for your dog’s size, age, and activity level. With your first feeding, you will notice immediately how much your dog enjoys this food! In just a couple of feedings, you will begin to notice your dog becoming more alert, bright-eyed, and more energetic. In as little as a couple of weeks, you will see even more benefits, especially in muscle tone and coat. And because Bob Timberlake Signature Series Dog Food uses only the finest ingredients, you’ll actually save money on each feeding. Each bite contains more calories and nutrition than other dog foods, allowing you to reduce the amount of feed your dog needs. Even better, with no by-products in Bob Timberlake Signature Series Dog Food, there’s less yard waste to clean up. And if you know Bob Timberlake, you know he wouldn’t have his Signature Series Dog Food made anywhere other than the good old USA. In fact, it’s printed on our bag for everyone to see. Better muscle-to-fat ratio Greatly improved skin and coat health Stronger immune system More alertness and energy Better palatability and eating habits Healthier bones and teeth Improved digestibility and stool control

Nutritional Information:
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