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Are You Properly Hydrated?

Written by Dana Yarn, RDLD   Water is by far the most essential nutrient that the body needs to function properly and maintain a healthy weight and energy level. The human body can only survive a short period of time without water

Lemon-Lime Chicken with Mango Salsa

Serves 2   Ingredients: 2 Blue Ribbon Foods Lemon Chicken breasts, thawed ½ lime, zest and juice combined 1 tablespoon honey 1 tablespoon white wine (such as sauvignon blanc)   Mango Salsa: 1 cup

Nutrition and Lifestyle Managment of Parkinson's Disease

Written by Dr. Keith Kantor, PhD, ND and Dana Yarn, RDLDParkinson’s disease was first described by James Parkinson in 1817.  Currently it affects more than 7 million people worldwide and at least 1 million in the United States of America, with

Corn and Tomato Salad

Ingredients: 4 ears corn, husked and kernels removed from the cobs ¼ cup plus 1T olive oil- divided 3 tomatoes, seeded and chopped ½ cup crumbled Feta cheese 2T gourmet Garden Squeeze Basil   Directions: Heat a skillet

Cha Cha Chia!

Written by: Dana Yarn, RDLD Ben, my husband, and I had a very healthy productive Sunday. We started out our day with berry protein smoothies and some easy housework. Then we grabbed our coffee and headed downtown to the Farmer's Market, we try to

Grilled Steak Secrets (that restaurants don't want you to know!)

Nothing is more gratifying than sitting down to a nice juicy steak with someone you love.  Here are a few tips that will help you be the “King” of steaks.  These are well-guarded secrets, but now you can share them with your

The Link Between Artificially Sweetened Drinks and Type II Diabetes

Written by: Dr. Keith Kantor In a recently published article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a link was shown between the consumption of artificially sweetened drinks and diabetes. The link between drinking sugary drinks and type

Grilled Mahi Mahi with Oriental Grilling Sauce

Serves 4  Ingredients: 4 Blue Ribbon Foods Mahi Mahi fillets, 6 oz. Each Salt and Pepper to taste1 Tablespoon olive oil   Oriental Grilling Sauce 1 Tablespoon olive oil 2 Green onions, sliced white part only 1 Cup

Another Reason to Eat Chemically Pure Foods

From Dana Yarn, RDLD This is an excerpt from an expert oncologist talking about round up and another herbicide that she says is leading to more incidents of breast cancer in women. Dr. WEISS: Well, most people think it is all about family history

Pork Chops with Pineapple Wine Sauce

Prep time -10 min. Cook time - 20-25 min. Serves 2   Ingredients: 4 Blue Ribbon Foods pork chops, thawed 1 tablespoon olive oil Salt and pepper to taste ¼ cup chicken broth ¼ cup dry white wine (such as sauvignon blanc)
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