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Red, White and Blue Warm Cobbler

A healthy and patriotic twist to dessert or a sweet craving.  Bring this patriotic dish to a 4th of July party and it will be a hit! Not to mention it is gluten free and there are dairy free alternatives listed too.

Dr. Keith Kantor Discusses Nutritional Tips For New Mom Kim Kardashian With People Magazine

People magazine recently interviewed Dr. Keith Kantor, CEO of Blue Ribbon Foods, about the best post-pregnancy diet for new mom Kim Kardashian.When is it safe to start working out after having a baby? In Kim Kardashian's case, she had some medical

Red, White and Blue Kabobs

If you are trying to stick to a patriotic theme 4th of July party you can look no more for a main entrée from the grill. These red white and blue kabobs are healthy and festive.  Ingredients: 1 lb. Blue Ribbon Foods boneless skinless chicken breast

Sodium: What You Need To Know

During every initial consultation, I always ask my clients if they are aware of how much sodium they consume on a daily basis. Most of them reply, “I don’t eat any salt,” when in fact they are consuming 2-3 times the recommended amount per day.

Patriotic Sangria

4th of July cookouts will probably include cocktails, so try this sangria served in wine glasses or even mason jars.  The only sugar in the sangria is from the fruit and of course the wine. It is so patriotic that it include the

My Big, Fat Post-Baby Confession...

Written by Dana Yarn, RDLD I told myself that when I was ready I would write about my own personal struggles taking the baby weight off and 13 months later I finally feel like I am ready! I hope this helps other moms relate to the

Summer Smoothie Shakes

Written by Dana Yarn, RDLD Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to fit in all of the supplements, fruits and vegetables recommended in a healthy eating program. All healthy diets should consist of five to nine servings of fruits

VIDEO CLIP: Dr. Keith Kantor and Dana Yarn of Service Foods on Fox 5 News Atlanta

Summer is a time when we try to look our best, but there are so many temptations to eat all the wrong foods. Tacoma Perry, of Fox 5 News Atlanta, has some tasty tips to get you through the season without packing on the pounds. Atlanta News, Weather,

Go to Foods and Foods to Avoid for a Healthy Summer - The Saturday Evening Post

Written by Dr. Keith Kantor, PhD, NDSummer Foods to Avoid Sports drinks are typically consumed during the summer at the ball park, while doing yard work or after a hard workout outside, but plain water is a better choice in most situations.  Sports
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